Research Position

Research Position


Excellent postdocs interested in Molecular Biology of Gene regulation, AIDS Cure, New restriction factors to HIV replication and AIRE are always encouraged to apply, by sending an email to Matija Peterlin at: [email protected]

In contrast, prospective graduate students interested in the Ph.D. or M.D.- Ph.D. program should contact the Graduate School's Admissions Office.

B. Matija Peterlin, M.D. 
professor of medicine, microbiology and immunology

University of California, San Francisco

Department of Medicine

533 Parnassus Avenue

Room U-432, UCSF Box 0703  
San Francisco, CA 94143-0703


Phone: +1 (415) 502-1905
Fax: +1 (415) 502-1901
Email: [email protected]